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Thursday April 15, 2021 Ramadan Iftar Menu - Bawadi
Our Daily Whole Lamb

Thursday April 15, 2021 Ramadan Iftar Menu

Ramadan Mubarak! كل عام وأنتم بخير
Bawadi Iftar dinner buffet for today Thursday April 15, 2021. Some of our Main Hot Dishes for tonight:
Whole Lamb Bukhari خروف على بخاري
Chicken over Kabsa Rice كبسة بالدجاج
Kufta kabob كباب كفتة
Chicken kabob كباب دجاج
Molokhia ملوخية
سبانخ spinach stew
And many other items hot and cold appetizers.
Daily live Video of the buffet, stay tuned

Call or follow us for our specials. CARRY OUT Iftar dinner will be available from Noon until 7:00pm everyday.

Inside and outside seating available, Calls for reservations start at 12:00pm daily; 703.845.1600 and 703.845.1604

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